We are specialists in the movement of single vehicles on behalf of car dealers, Sale rooms, collectors, insurance companies, recovery organisations, vehicle breakers and private clients.

We also provide transport for classic car organisations and motor sport clubs, and will operate anywhere in the country. Bearing in mind that we are based in Yorkshire, we naturally have a preference for work coming into or going out of the Yorkshire region, but will consider all client requirements.

We have more recently carried out International work on behalf of specialist clients – for example, a Classic Lotus Elan to Immingham Port bound for Gothenburg, Sweden, a UK Government Bird Radar Unit towed to The Hague in the Netherlands, and we have been over to Galway in the Irish Republic to collect a Classic Rally Car and return it to Yorkshire.

About us

Our drivers are highly qualified and very experienced professionals, and we are fully insured to carry vehicles up to the value of £350k. For your peace of mind, our vehicles are also fitted with Tachograph Units where there is a legal requirement. All this adds up to a very professional, and fully covered outfit ready to provide the perfect solution to your vehicle transport needs.

Additional Specialist Tow Work.

In addition to our main work of vehicle transportation, and because we are very skilled at the work we do, we are happy to consider other forms of tow work.

We have built up a strong relationship with one of Yorkshire’s premier Caravan Dealerships, moving new and used units for them and their clients. This has also involved the transport of units around the UK and ‘siting’ them.

We have also carried out the transportation of Boats, Light Plant, and Agricultural Machinery.


"We have been using Steve and Yorkshire Navigator for some time now, and they have become one of our first ports of call when we need a vehicle delivering or transferring. They are a small but very professional organisation, and we can rely on that professionalism being applied to our clients. Both Audi and JCT600 have very demanding service levels, and we are confident that Yorkshire Navigator apply the same standards to our clients on our behalf."

- STEVE CLOSE – Business Development Manager, YORK AUDI.


"My company is into the specialist restoration of classic cars, in particular Datsun 'Z' series cars. I first started to use Steve a year or so ago, and I have built a good relationship with his company. We have a requirement to move anything from bodyshells and parts, to fully restored works Rally Cars and Concours Cars for display and sale/auction to and from anywhere in the UK. A recent example was a car collected from Chatham in Kent on behalf of a client – the car was rebuilt into a full Works Rally replica which went on to compete in this year's Monte Carlo Rally. Steve was even there to see the car in its finished stage, on the day it departed for the event."

- DUNCAN PEARCEY – Proprietor, THE 'Z' FARM.


"I have been involved in Motorsport for a long time now, and when the opportunity came to buy a well known MKII Escort Rally Car from a dealer in Galway, Southern Ireland, I had to find a fast, efficient, and cost effective way to transport the car back. A friend of mine suggested Steve at Yorkshire Navigator. A few phone calls and e-mails later, we were able to arrange for Steve to go over and collect the car. The service was fast, friendly, extremely efficient, and very cost competitive – which was important to me. The task was carried out in a professional and 'unfussy' way, to my great satisfaction, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Yorkshire Navigator to any organisation or individual."


" It goes without saying that the nature of our business involves towing to a large degree. We need to move caravan units from manufacturers and other dealers, as well as having vans delivered to our clients (some of which need to be 'sited' at parks around the UK). When we started to use Yorkshire Navigator as one of our specialist 'Towing Agents', we quickly realised that we had a very skilled and reliable team to work with. Costs are competitive, and we will continue to utilise their superb services."

- Damian Burns and Rod Trueman, Proprietors, LEEDS CARAVAN CENTRE


" Having worked with Steve for over 16 years whilst he managed Supplies and Fleet issues for a Government Department, I can say that he is a superb professional, and highly knowledgeable in his field. Together with his Fleet and Supply Chain knowledge, he also has a number of years as a serving Police Officer, which has given him unique experience to be able to run an organisation like Yorkshire Navigator. He is very much a 'customer facing' individual, with a huge amount of experience to support, and any company would do well to have Yorkshire Navigator as an operational partner."

- LISA SPENCER – Procurement Manager, FERA, UK Government.


"Yorkshire Navigator have been doing the odd job for us for a few years, and they have proved to be so good that, when they became a full-time Ltd company in 2012, we were more than happy to extend our use of their services with a full service agreement. Their pricing structure has proved unique, and very competitive, which has led to significant savings for us, and after all that's what we are all looking for these days – a first class service at a reasonable rate! We will continue to use YNL wherever and whenever we can, and I am confident that we, and our colleagues in our group dealerships can expect top class deliveries and transfers to anywhere in the UK."

- TIM MARRISON – Sales Manager, YORK AUDI.


"I've known Steve through a family connection for over 12 years, but as a business partner for a relatively short time. We have just started to use Yorkshire Navigator to move vehicles, and so far we have had excellent feedback. Drivers and vehicles are well presented, and very knowledgeable. We look forward to a long and successful working partnership."

- MATT YOUNG – Group Sales Controller, Harratts Group, Yorkshire.


"The Government has two Bird Radar Units in the UK which are mounted on large trailer frames. These can be located at civil and military airports around the UK and abroad. We have until now used our own Discoveries to move these around, but Yorkshire Navigator have proved to be a very cost effective alternative when our vehicles are not available to us. So much so that we are looking at the feasability of using them rather than having the cost of running our own vehicles. Steve has an in-depth understanding of these operations through his Government connections, and when he suggested that YNL was ideally placed to help, we thought we'd try it out. Yorkshire Navigator has recently been involved in taking one of these units to The Hague (Netherlands) for modifications, and the collaboration has proved to be a great success. I have no doubt that we will look to extend the partnership further in the future."

- ANDY BAXTER – Team Manager, Birdstrike Avoidance, UK Government.



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